Posted by: ourdailychocolate | August 2, 2008

My Mistreatment

I am just so proud of myself!
I have been ogling over so many different bed canopies for awhile now, but haven’t been able to bring myself to spend the {crazy} amount!
I purchased these two panels of muslin from a yard sale last summer for $6. I have been trying to get hubby to get a rod hung up, but that hasn’t happened-the spot is not easy for housing a rod. {Little did I know about mistreatment’s then}.
Just a couple of days ago the light bulb erupted! I took those two panels out of my stash and ran upstairs to the bedroom. I knew I was going to do it-make this canopy thing-somehow. I wanted it to be beautiful. Not perfect, just beautiful-to me. 🙂

The last time we had a canopy was one of those annoying round ones from Pier 1. It drove me nuts, and my hubby didn’t care for it too much either {too girly}. This one he is not bothered by so much. {not too girly} and it doesn’t cover the whole bed {his favorite part}.

All I did was grab some tacks {could not find my upholstery tacks} and stick it up there. I will eventually change the tacks once the others fall out {gotta love being a lazy perfectionist} lol.

I stumbled upon another blog a few days ago {just 1 day after my ‘mistreatment’} and her blog is dedicated to this stuff! How awesome is that!! And she is too cute and funny!!! And she is just like me!!!! {I get more excited with each revelation}

So, if you are in need of sprucing up your home check out Nesting Place. She has so many great ideas and tutorials to walk you through. I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

Posted by: ourdailychocolate | August 1, 2008

Summer Book Journal

Now is a great time to start a log of all those books you’ve been reading.
This will help keep that growing book stash in order. And will be a great reference down the line.
Any journal will work. Make sure you leave enough room to log the Title, Author, Plot, What you liked about it, What you didn’t like.
Feel free to decorate the book any way you like (or buy a beautiful one that needs no work) 🙂
TIP: This will come especially handy when your best friend asks “So, read any good books lately?”
Posted by: ourdailychocolate | July 30, 2008

Paint Can Shelves

Here is a great, inexpensive way to organize tons of items! From towels, to pens, to tools, and toys. These are so modern and look fresh in any home.

Paint cans can be purchased at your local fix ‘er up store, usually located in the paint isle. 

TIP: Use scrapbooking papers or fabric to decorate each can to match your decor. 

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Posted by: ourdailychocolate | July 29, 2008

Organize your bookshelf

Does your bookshelf look like an atomic bomb struck? Here are a few easy steps to organize those books and keep it that way.

  • Take stock of how many books you have and how much shelf space you have. If you have more books than space, weed through them and keep only the ones you Love.
  • Categorize your books based on how you view them-by topic, author, era, or read and unread
  • Alphabetize the books in each category by author or title, or arrange by size.
  • Label sections of your bookshelf. Clear plastic label holders, available from library supply companies, sit under the books on a shelf and can be easily moved or removed. Print a description for each section and then slide it into the holder.
  • Set up small libraries in different rooms of your home. For example, shelve cookbooks in a kitchen cabinet or pantry. Put a short bookshelf next to the bed as a nightstand.
TIP: Create small labels for your categories by using card stock. Type the name onto card stock, print, and fold so that part of the label can be tucked under a few books.
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